Versus BC God Bud: A Complete Analysis

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Versus BC God Bud: A Complete Analysis

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Versus BC God Bud has been appearing more and more in dispensaries across the country for some time now. Whether that’s in the form of a pre-roll or just flower.

Regardless of how stoners decide to intake this strain, one thing remains certain, people are buying it, and a lot.

In this Versus BC God Bud review, we will be taking you through a deep dive into the strain. Thoroughly analyzing the strain’s most important aspects such as its THC, CBD, terpenes, lineage, value, effects, and much more.

Versus BC God Bud Strain Profile

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  • Percentage: 22-27%
  • Strain Type: Indica
  • Terpenes: Beta Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, Myrcene, Humulene, Limonene
  • Price: $2.85/g
  • Size: 1g – 28g
  • Flavour: Herbal with a Slight Lavender Aftertaste.
  • Aroma: Woody with Fruity/Sweet Undertones

Versus’s BC God Bud is definitely a unique plant, with an interesting terpene profile. Its two parent strains are Purple Skunk and Hawaiian.

These two popular strains have been interbred to create a lovely Herbal and sweet flavour.  

In all honesty, within this strain I could easily pick out a number of different terpenes, making it difficult to classify the flavour in a couple of words. I definitely tasted some berries and pine alongside the lavender in the aftertaste.

As for the smell of the BC God Bud strain, it was a deep earthy smell with hints of sweetness on the exhale.

That is all to say, I personally loved the flavour and aroma profile of this strain. There definitely were hints of the classic Indica skunky smell, but the fruity end notes really hit home for me.

Is BC God Bud by Versus a Good Strain?

To start, BC God Bud by Versus fits the bill as an Indica, at least in terms of the high it offers.

My first impression of this strain was that it was incredibly relaxing. The old saying that Indica means “in da couch” truly fits here. The effects start off incredibly calm and pleasant at first, only for that relaxing buzz to ease you into some sleepiness.

I also cannot forget to mention just how strong the munchies are with this strain, if you need to get some food into you, this strain might be a go-to

In terms of how long the high lasts, the strain offers a slow burn, meaning the effects peak about an hour in, and last about 3 hours.

Overall, Versus’s BC God Bud is really high quality, and great if you are looking to relax and de-stress.

Is the BC God Bud Strain by Versus a Good Value Buy?

Versus’s BC God Bud is a mid-range Indica on the higher end of THC percentage – not too cheap but not too expensive. That is if you purchase the flower, the pre-rolls are much more expensive.

I went out and bought 3.5g of flower and a 1g pre-roll for this review. The price was $7.95 for the pre-roll, that’s a huge difference when compared to the $2.85/g you can find the flower for.

The flower is about $80 per ounce, and sits at around 22-27% THC, in my books, that’s not too bad.

In terms of the actual bud quality, I was pleasantly surprised. You could see an abundance of beautiful trichomes, placed neatly on the vibrantly green bud.

All in all, when giving a broad overview of the flower’s bud, high, effects, and quality, It would be about a 7/10 in terms of value.

What is Versus BC God Bud Good For?

Many different strains are great for different reasons, in all honesty, I believe there is a time and place for most strains.

As we looked at earlier, Versus’s BC God Bud is great for relaxing and de-stressing. Again, as the high goes on you will also be met with quite a lot of drowsiness intermingled with an increase in appetite.

That is all to say, BC God Bud is a great night strain, it would be a perfect strain for sitting down and watching a movie with some good snacks.

Would We Purchase BC God Bud Again?

Now on to one of the most pressing questions for any strain review, would I buy Versus BC God Bud again?

The answer to that is maybe, by no means was this strain bad, or shouldn’t be purchased. 

In the modern day, we are just flush with choice, and there are some other Indica around this price point that really hit the spot for me. 

Whether you decide to purchase Verse Originals BC God Bud or the Versus BC God Bud (very close names but different distributors), you won’t be disappointed.

I could definitely see myself purchasing this again, but I do have some other Indica’s I prefer.

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