Tweed Tiger Cake Strain Review

Tweed Tiger Cake Strain Packaging

Tweed Tiger Cake Strain Review

A quick review of Tweed Tiger Cake Strain

The Tiger Cake strain by Tweed has been popping up in dispensaries across the country, as the Layer Cake and The Menthol mix hits it out of the park . The high THC hybrid-indica strain definitely catches some eyes.

In this Tweed Tiger Cake strain review, I will be taking you through the ins and outs of the plant , highlighting the effects of the strain, the high delivered, use cases, aroma, flavour, terpenes, THC, and much more.

Pros and Cons:


  • Great aroma and flavour
  • Nuanced High


  • Slightly pricey

Tweed Tiger Cake Strain Profile

An image of Tweed's Tiger Cake Strain

THC Percentage: 24-30%.

Strain Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant).

Terpenes: Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha- Humulene.

Price: $6.55/g.

Size: 3.5g- 14g.

Flavour: Light Vanilla and Orange Rind with an earthy fresh aftertaste.

Aroma: Slight Citrus with a spicy/woody body.

As for the parent strains that make up Tweed’s Tiger Cake strain, again, those would be Layer Cake and The Menthol. These two potent cannabis plants have been expertly crossed to create this overall fresh, and potent Tiger Cake weed.

Tiger Cake Strain Aroma and Flavour

The Tiger Cake weed strain immediately lets its terpene profile be known as soon as you open the packaging. The bud smells honestly fantastic, with a strong lemon smell hitting you in the face, alongside slight undertones of menthol.

In terms of bud aroma, Tweed’s Tiger Cake manages to fully showcase almost every terpene present, especially the Limonene.

Once you light the weed, however, the entire aroma profile shifts. The spicy and herbal terpenes truly take over the bulk of the smell, with slight vanilla undertones coming in the rear.

The flavour, on the other hand, I wasn’t expecting such a unique profile. I personally smoked several bowls of this strain as well as used a vaporizer to get a better feel for the taste and provide a better Tiger Cake strain review.

From my several rounds of testing, the best way I can describe the flavour is vanilla and citrusy (Orange/Lemon rind taste), with an earthy, fresh aftertaste. It was quite nice. To be be fair though, to notice the intricacies of the flavour it has to be vaporized.

Is Tiger Cake by Tweed a Good Strain?

Tweed Tiger Cake Strain Packaging

The Tiger Cake strain by Tweed is quite good; the bud is incredibly potent, with even the lowest THC percentages sitting at 24%.

Additionally, the small Tiger Cake strain buds are quite moist, and the densely packed nugs seem high quality.

Tiger Cake Strain Effects and High

We now come to the most anticipated section of any review: the strain’s effects, high, and overall potency. As I stated prior, for this Tweed Tiger Cake review, I personally consumed 3.5g of the flower, both vaporized and smoked out of a bowl.

The Tiger Cake strain effects I most noticed were that the high was almost immediately calming, with the Indica roots showing more as time went on. 

That is to say, the Tiger Cake high opened up with superb stress relief and slight euphoria, which then settled more into a relaxed and calm high

You can definitely see the parent’s strains showing both of their faces. The slight euphoria is definitely brought by the Layer Cake before the relaxing effects of both strains take hold.

This is a lovely textbook Indica hybrid, The hybrid has removed the couch-locked feeling while maintaining a high level of relaxation.

Is Tiger Cake by Tweed a Good Value Strain?

From my in-depth Tweed Tiger Cake review, I would have to classify the Tiger Cake weed strain as expensive and high quality.

I personally paid roughly $23 for 3.5g of flower, making a full ounce of bud cost approximately $183. That is by no means a cheap price.

That all being said, that doesn’t mean that the strain isn’t necessarily worth the price. The batch I personally purchased sat at 29.5% THC and 2.66% terpenes. Both the terpene content and THC content are well above the market average.

This weed is by no means targeting a cheap audience, instead going for quality over quantity. This is a flower you smoke to enjoy, not to just get a mediocre high.

With that, I would have to personally give this strain an 8.5/10 in terms of value. It’s a high-quality strain with a high-quality price tag attached.

What is Tiger Cake Good For?

Tweed’s Tiger Cake is definitely an Indica-leaning hybrid, with the majority of effects coming from that type of flower.

As we looked at prior in the article, the Tiger Cake weed is extremely relaxing without the signature couch locking of other Indicas. 

The immediate euphoria is definitely outshined by the anxiety-reducing, stress-relieving, relaxation properties. It was a calm and pleasant high that personally allowed me to forget much of the workday’s stress.

My recommendation for this strain is to smoke it alone or with one or two friends. The Tiger Cake strain would be great for relaxing with a significant other or friends – but would be awful for a party.

Would I purchase This strain Again?

Honestly, during my review of the Tiger Cake strain, I’ve come to the conclusion that it impressive and unique cannabis strain that is definitely worth trying.

Its overall relaxing and anxiety-reducing effects are great for people who may be struggling with some stress in their life.

However, while I thoroughly enjoyed this product and would definitely purchase it again, the main limiting factor is its price point

To be direct, it’s not an affordable option whatsoever. But if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality strain, Tiger Cake by Tweed is definitely one to consider

Is Tiger Cake an Indica or Sativa

Tiger Cake by Tweed is an Indica-dominate strain that provides a ton of stress relief and mild euphoria.

Is Tiger Cake a Good Strain?

Tiger cake is one of the better strains I have had the pleasure of trying recently, it’s definitely worth the buy.

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