TGOD Organic Gold Butter MAC : Strain Review

a close up image of TGOD's Organic Gold Butter MAC strain where you can see 1000's of trichomes, 33,8% THC

TGOD Organic Gold Butter MAC : Strain Review

A comprehensive review image for TGOD's Organic Gold Butter Mac Strain, giving a visual review of the high and effects, THC percentage, value, strain type, and price.

TGOD’s Gold Butter MAC strain is a hard-hitting organic Indica-dominant hybrid strain that offers a hazy and sedated body high.

This Organic gold butter mac review will cover everything you need to know about the strain, including the high, aroma, taste, potency, and terpenes.

Gold Butter MAC Pros & Cons


  • Potent bud
  • Organic growing process


  • Muted flavour profile
  • No real aroma

How I Reviewed TGOD’s Organic Gold Butter MAC Strain

I conducted my Gold Butter Mac review with a batch packaged on April 13, 2023, with batch number 2000832.

I consumed the full 3.5 grams of bud through a bong, vaporizer, and a joint. This took me roughly 5 smoke sessions and allowed me to fully understand the intricacies of the product.

TGOD Organic Gold Butter MAC Strain Profile

a close up image of TGOD's Organic Gold Butter MAC strain where you can see 1000's of trichomes, 33,8% THC
  • THC Percentage: 33.8%
  • Value: 6/10
  • Strain: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • Terpenes: Beta-Myrcene (Herbal), Farnasene (Woody), Limonene (Citrus), Linalool (Lavender), Trans-Caryophyllene (Pepper)
  • Price: $35.95
  • Size:3.5 grams
  • Flavour: Heavy spice with very slight floral undertones
  • Aroma: Muted spice

Organic Gold Butter MAC Strain Lineage

Organic Gold Butter Mac is a high THC, Indica-dominant strain that was created by crossing Peanut Butter Breath and MAC.

This terpene-filled strain got my hopes quite high, seeing as it possessed a decent terpene profile, alongside a high THC content.

Organic Gold Butter MAC Taste and Aroma

Unfortunately, throughout my entire review of TGOD’s Gold Butter MAC, I couldnt really find any decent flavour profile.

When you first crack open the container, you aren’t met with a strong smell, instead when you come a bit closer, you get a slight herbal aroma.

Once you light up the cannabis, your tongue will be assaulted with a rather rough pepper flavour that has some residual floral essence.

That is to say, I was rather disappointed with TGOD here, it seems as though the bud was maybe harvested too early.

Organic Gold Butter MAC Effects and High

Although Organic Gold Butter MAC’s terpenes are lacking on the flavour side of things, they provide an excellent and deep high.

The weed I smoked sat at 33.8% THC and had 2.6% terpenes, this created a varied and deep high with some pleasant effects.

The high THC content, combined with the varied terpenes created a hazy and sedated Indica high. During the come-up, you will feel incredibly relaxed and mentally chill, but that will soon ease into a spacey and hazy Indica bliss.

When smoking this product, I got lost in my own apartment, continuously walking in circles as it left me forgetting things left and right.

One large upside is that once you come down from the intense high the sedation vanishes, so this could be a mid-day strain. This is unlike many other sleepy Indicas I have tried, many of which put you to sleep.

a close up image of TGOD's Organic Gold Butter MAC strain packaging where you can see the THC percenatge Terpene percentage, and other key information

Is TGOD’s Organic Gold Butter MAC strain a Good Value Buy?

TGOD’s Gold Butter MAC sits at a mid-range price point when compared to similar quality eighths. At $35.95 you are by no means breaking the bank, but you are still well above brands like Back Forty.

With this product, you are also paying for the organic factor, as TGOD claims to only nourish their plants with all-natural inputs. This includes rainwater, sunlight, and “living” soil.

Although Organic Gold Butter MAC isn’t a bargain by any means, and the terpene profile is really lacking, it’s not a bad deal. You get some peace of mind knowing you are smoking organic, and it sits a potent 33.8% THC.

Bud Quality

As you would expect from an organic strain, TGOD’s Gold Butter MAC is a moist and springy bud that smokes super nice.

My only critique is that the buds aren’t compact at all, they feel quite “airy” to me. For this reason, I would say this is a good product to smoke out of a bowl.

Is TGOD’s Organic Golden Butter MAC a Strong Strain?

The Organic Gold Butter MAC strain is super strong and can leave sneak up on you incredibly easily.

What the strain gives up in terms of flavour and aroma, it makes up for in potency. I only had to smoke about 0.25 grams of the bud in order to get quite baked.

If you’re a new smoker, this weed could stun you a bit, so make sure you’re careful.

Would I purchase This Strain Again?

After conducting a thorough Organic Gold Butter MAC Review, I would have to say no, I wouldn’t buy this weed again.

Although the product is strong, I prefer a much more clear-headed high, and the spaciness just isn’t for me. The lack of lingering tiredness is a huge bonus, but it’s just not the weed for me.

As well, at almost $10 a gram, I can find a much better bud that checks off all of my boxes.

Organic Gold Butter MAC Strain Frequently Asked Questions

I will now answer some of your most pressing questions about the strain, to make sure you know what you’re buying.

What Are The Effects Of The Gold Butter MAC Strain?

After you smoke or consume Gold Butter MAC, you will be met with a hazy and sedated Indica high. The potency is quite high, so you will be left feeling spacey, and relaxed for hours.

Does The Organic Gold Butter MAC Strain Have Negative Effects?

TGOD’s Organic Goold Butter MAC didn’t really have any pronounced negative effects. The only negatives I felt were some slightly dry eyes.

Is Gold Butter MAC Indica or Sativa?

Gold Butter MAC is an Indica dominant Hybrid strain that offers a long-lasting potent high that will leave you feeling bliss for hours.

What Strain is Gold Butter MAC?

The Gold Butter MAC was created by crossing the Peanut Butter Breath and MAC strains.

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