An image of a spinach vape pen being used for the very first time with a manual next to it.

Spinach 510 Vape Pen: Step-by-Step Manual for Optimal Battery Use

KalebDec 17, 2023

Using the Spinach vape pen really couldn’t be easier, but it’s always nice to have a manual or instructions. From inhalation to how you turn off the pen, let us walk you through the step-by-step usage instructions How To Use…

an image of Spinaches Green Monster Breath strain , the image showcases the trichomes, pistils and overall quality of the flower

Spinach Green Monster Breath : Strain Review

KalebJun 28, 2023

Spinach’s Green Monster Breath strain is a strong Indica hybrid strain that was created by crossing Animal Cookies and GMO Cookies. The strain offers euphoria upon inhalation that settles into relaxation. I will now take you through my comprehensive Green…