an image of Shred's Blueberry Blaster 510 cartridge, sitting at 80.1% THC.

Shred Blueberry Blaster 510: Strain Analysis

KalebJul 18, 2023

The Shred X Blueberry blaster 510 thread cartridge is a potent Indica dab pen that offers a subdued body high with prolonged euphoria. If you’re looking to buy this 80.1% THC cartridge, this Blueberry Blaster review is for you. We…

an image of the DankMeister XL weed by shred.

Shred DankMeister XL : Strain Analysis

KalebApr 28, 2023

What is DankMeister XL? DankMeister XL is a coarsely ground blended flower, made primarily to be smoked out of a bong or glass. I have personally consumed about 5 grams of this product before this DankMeister XL strain review, and…