an image of Back Forty's Kush Mint 510 vape cartridge sat next to its packaging. THC percentage 85%

Back Forty Kush Mint: Strain Analysis

KalebAug 1, 2023

The Back Forty Kush Mint cartridge is a unique hybrid strain created by combining Animal Mints and Bubba Kush that offers a mood-elevating and relaxing high while delivering a chilly mint flavour. During my Back Forty Kush Mint review I…

Back Forty Panda Puff: Strain Analysis

Back Forty Panda Puff: Strain Analysis

KalebApr 8, 2023

Back Forty Panda Puff caught my eye the other day in the dispo, the product stood out with its high THC and relatively low price. In the article below I will be taking you through the Panda Puff strain by…

An Image of Bush League Sour Kush Milled Flower on a white background.

The Total Bush League Sour Kush Review

KalebMar 15, 2023

Bush League Sour Kush has caught my eye every here and there over the last couple of months for a number of reasons. However, it mainly has to do with its decently high THC percentage at a cost-effective price. In…

A zoomed in image of a Mandarin Cookies Bud by Back Forty

Back Forty Mandarin Cookies Strain: A Comprehensive Analysis

KalebFeb 26, 2023

A Deep Dive into the Back Forty Mandarin Cookies Strain The Back Forty Mandarin Cookies strain has been rapidly growing in popularity over the last couple of years.  It’s honestly not all too surprising, especially considering the strain sits at…