an image of 1964's Organic Comatose Strain pre-roll sitting next to the packaging on a white background. 24% THC and 2.68% terpenes

1964 Organic Comatose: Strain Analysis

KalebOct 15, 2023

1964’s Organic Comatose strain is a hard-hitting Indica-dominant weed created by crossing OG Kush and another unknown sleepy Indica. The cross of these potent indica strains has led to a sleepy and relaxed body high. 1964 is one of my…

a zoomed in image of the 1964 gelato #41 strain with its trichomes glistening with slight orange coloration.

1964 Organic Gelato #41 Strain Review

KalebJun 21, 2023

1964 Organic Gelato #41 is an incredibly potent Indica-dominant strain created by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Thin Min Cookies that offers a relaxing yet euphoric high that leaves the mind crystal clear. In the article below, I will be taking…