Spinach 510 Vape Pen: Step-by-Step Manual for Optimal Battery Use

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Spinach 510 Vape Pen: Step-by-Step Manual for Optimal Battery Use


Using the Spinach vape pen really couldn’t be easier, but it’s always nice to have a manual or instructions. From inhalation to how you turn off the pen, let us walk you through the step-by-step usage instructions

How To Use The Spinach Vape Pen

It would be ideal if companies like Spinach attached a manual or at least something for new stoners on these vape pens, but we’re here to bridge the gap. We’ll have you puffing clouds like a real pro in no time, and you can try cool flavours like Back Forty’s Kush Mint cart.

Here are the instructions for how to use the Spinach 510 vape pen:

  1. Screw on the 510 Cartridge: like with all other 510 carts, you start by turning the cartridge clockwise into the battery until it’s flush.
  2. Select a Heat Setting: You can press the button between 1-3 times to cycle through the different heats. The heat settings are low (Green), medium (Yellow), and red (Green).
  3. Enjoy Your Cartridge: Once you have gone through the heat settings, all you need to do is inhale the cartridge to start smoking. There is no need to press any buttons or anything; the pen has a sensor that will turn the heating element on when you smoke.

The main benefit of this style of batter is the overall ease of use; however, it can suck when you’re trying to unclog a cartridge.

Good Supply Vape Battery Heat Settings

As you cycle through the three heat-setting colours on the Spinach vape pen, you’ll notice there are three distinct levels. Although relatively straightforward, there are no instructions specifically stating what each level feels like to drag, so let us walk you through it.

Here are the three Spinach 510 vape pen colours:


The lowest heat setting on the Spinach vape pen is green. With green, you’ll produce the least vapour by far, but it also drags the smoothest. If you’re a new smoker or don’t like coughing, maybe stick to green.


Yellow is the medium heat level with this battery and definitely ups the vapour and heat you feel. For most smokers, this is the ideal level, as you get plenty of smoke while not killing your lungs.


Blue is the hottest setting, despite what you may think. It maxes out the voltage on the battery and creates a large cloud of vapour with even the smallest drag. With some more expensive carts, you may find this setting burns some of the terpenes and changes the flavour.

How To Charge The Good Supply Vape Pen

When your Spinach vape pen flashes green, it means it’s time to charge it. Like with other dab pen batteries, charging is super easy.

Here is how you charge your Spinach vape pen:

  1. Start by unscrewing the cartridge from the top of the Spinach vape pen in a counterclockwise direction.
  2. Locate your USB charger and securely screw it onto the pen’s top by turning it clockwise. Ensure the heating element aligns perfectly with the USB screw.
  3. Insert the USB end into a computer, phone charging block, or any available powered USB charging port.
  4. Look for light during the charging process of your Spinach vape pen, which indicates that it is actively charging. (Note: USB chargers are interchangeable, allowing the use of any compatible charger.)
  5. Once the light transitions, you can resume vaping, as your battery is now fully charged.

Cleaning Your Good Supply Vape Pen

Accidents happen, and sometimes you may get sticky distillate all over your Spinach dab pen, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use some rubbing alcohol or bong cleaner. We also recommend not attempting to clean it with water or soap, as you could potentially break the battery.

Spinach Vape Pen FAQ

How Do You Know If Your Spinach Vape Pen Is Charged?

You will know when your battery is charged by the USB charger changing colour or if there is a blinking light on the Spinach battery.

How Do You Use the Spinach 510 Vape Battery?

To use the Spinach vape pen, you need to simply attach your 510 cart, and inhale. Unlike other batteries, Spinach has installed a sensor to detect when you inhale instead of requiring a button

Why is my Spinach vape pen Blinking Green?

Your Spinach vape pen will blink green when it’s time to charge the battery. You can do this by screwing the charger onto the end of the battery and plugging it into an electric USB slot.

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