Spinach Green Monster Breath : Strain Review

an image of Spinaches Green Monster Breath strain , the image showcases the trichomes, pistils and overall quality of the flower

Spinach Green Monster Breath : Strain Review

A comprehensive review looking through Spinach's green Monster Breath strain. . Looking through the high and effects, THC percentage, Value, strain type, price, and value.

Spinach’s Green Monster Breath strain is a strong Indica hybrid strain that was created by crossing Animal Cookies and GMO Cookies. The strain offers euphoria upon inhalation that settles into relaxation.

I will now take you through my comprehensive Green Monster Breath strain review, looking through the strain’s lineage, effects, strength, taste, and much more.

Spinach Green Monster Breath Pros & Cons

Green Monster Breath Pros:

  • Very potent
  • Great for relaxation

Green Monster Breath Cons:

  • Bud was a little Dry

How I Reviewed Spinach Green Monster Breath Strain

For my review of Spinach’s Green Monster Breath, I have gone ahead and consumed 3.5 grams of weed, through glass and a vaporizer.

This has allowed me to get a firm understanding of the Green Monster Breath strain, and taste, effects, and potency of the product.

Spinach’s Green Monster Breath Strain Profile

an image of Spinaches Green Monster Breath strain , the image showcases the trichomes, pistils and overall quality of the flower
  • THC Percentage: 27.4%
  • Value: 6/10
  • Strain Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
  • Terpenes: Humulene (Earthy Spice), Caryophyllene (Spicy), Myrcene (Sweet and Spicy)
  • Price: $23.47
  • Size: 3.5grams
  • Flavour: Sweet candy with spiciness on the back of your palate.
  • Aroma: Sweet Garlic and Herbal

Green Monster Breath Strain Genetics

The Green Monster Breath Strain has been created by Spinach by crossing Animal Cookies and GMO Cookies.

Throughout my Green Monster Breath strain review, I have found this combination to offer an incredibly potent and enjoyable high.

Green Monster Breath Taste and Aroma

The terpenes present in the Green Monster Breath strain offer a unique and enticing aroma and flavour profile, that is truly dominated by both sweetness and spice.

The aroma of this strain is dominated by an almost confectionary sweetness that has been paired with some lovely herbal terpenes.

The flavour presented by the Green Monster Breath Strain is much of the same, with a sweet candy body followed by plenty of spice on the back of the palate

The sweetness was a breath of fresh air, seeing as it wasn’t a citrus sweetness but instead, a sweetened spice brought by the myrcene.

Spinach also mentioned that there would be some sourness to this bud, but throughout my many rounds of testing, I couldn’t find any hints of it.

Green Monster Breath Effects and High

To get a good understanding of the high and effects presented by Spinach’s Green Monster Breath I smoked the flower of glass several times and vaporized it. 

With the THC percentage sitting at a potent 27.4% I knew I was in for a hard-hitting high right from the get-go, but it really hits you instantly.

Immediately after inhaling the Green Monster Breath Strain, you’re met with a subdued euphoric feeling before getting struck with waves of physical relaxation. Any stress felt in my body quickly melted away as a strong sense of calm overcomes your body.

This relaxation was paired with a warm tingly feeling behind the face, which really highlighted the Indica lineage.
Additionally, you will be met with some serious sedation near the end of the high, it really knocks you out, making this a great evening strain.

An Image of Spinach Green Monster Breath Packaging before being opened

Is Spinach’s Green Monster Breath a Good Value Strain?

I purchased 3.5 grams of the flower for my Green Monster Breath review, and it cost me $23.47, meaning a full ounce would be $187.76.

This means that Green Monster Breath sits at a mid-range in terms of price, offering a high potency at a decent price.

Green Monster Breath Bud Quality

The actual bud quality is the only place where the Spinach’s Green Monster Breath is lacking, the bud is far too dry.

Although it didn’t necessarily crumble between my fingers when I crushed it, there was no give or moisture within the product. This is also incredibly confusing to me, seeing as there was a moisture pack within the container.

Because of this, I would recommend you smoke this out of a bowl, rolling could be a little tough.

Is Spinach’s Green Monster Breath a Strong Strain?

In this Green Monster Breath review we have looked at many aspects of the product, including the high, THC, and effects. From that analysis, I can confidently say that the Green Monster Breath offers a comprehensive and strong high.

If potency is all you are looking for, you can certainly find stronger products, but Spinach certainly won’t let you down if you give this a try. 

The intense relaxation offered by this strain really hits me in a sweet spot, as I carry plenty of stress and prefer strains that can relieve it.

Would I purchase This Strain Again?

Now for the main question, would I purchase Spinach Green Monster Breath again? My answer is maybe.

This strain was lovely and definitely packed a punch, but there are just so many strains out there today. There are many strains within the same general weed niche that can do what this strain does but for cheaper, making it hard to say if I would opt for this again.

Spinach Green Monster Breath Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now answer some of your most frequently asked questions regarding Spinach’s Green Monster Breath.

Is Green Monster Breath a Sativa or Indica?

Green Monster Breath is an Indica, with its parent strains being Animal Cookies and GMO Cookies. This has created a sedated and overall relaxing marijuana strain.

What are the effects of the Green Monster Strain?

During this in-depth Green Monster Breath review I was consistently met with a relaxing and sedated high. Upon inhalation, you are met with a strong sense of euphoria before the strain evaporates your stress and allows you to feel incredibly relaxed.

Does Green Monster Breath Have Negative Effects

The main negative offered I came across during my Green Monster Breath Spinach review was dry eyes. There were no true downsides like anxiety attacks or paranoia.

What Is the Lineage of The Green Monster Breath Strain?

Green Monster Breath is a strain created by crossing Animal Cookies and GMO Cookies. These two cookie strains have worked to create a unique and potent cannabis strain.

Is Green Monster Breath Good For Beginners

Green Monster Breath is not recommended for beginners. With its potent effects sitting at 27.4% THC, and strong indica properties, it may be overwhelming for inexperienced users.

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