Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush: Strain Analysis

an Image of Pure Sunfarm's Pink Kush Strainbud, showcasing the light green colorings mixed with brows.

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush: Strain Analysis

A review image for Pure Sunfarm's Pink Kush strain, giving a visual review of the high and effects, THC percentage, value, strain type, and price.

Pink Kush is a body-dominant relaxed and sedated Indica-dominant strain created by crossing the OG Kush and King strains.

Seeing as it has dominated much of the Canadian cannabis market for years now, we had to give Pure Sunfarm’s oh-so-famous Pink Kush strain a review at some point. In our analysis of the strain, we’ll be taking a look at the effects, taste, smell, affordability, and much more!

Pros & Cons


  • Nice relaxed high
  • Good price


  • Bud was slightly dry

How I Reviewed The Pink Kush Strain

This Pink Kush review was conducted with a batch packaged on October 25, 2023, with the batch number 03975.

In order to fully understand the complicated terpenes in the Pink Kush strain, we smoked a full 7 grams of cannabis over about a week. The weed was combusted in a bowl, vaporizer, and joint to get a full understanding of the flavour and aroma.

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush Strain Profile

an Image of Pure Sunfarm's Pink Kush Strainbud, showcasing the light green colorings mixed with brows.

  • THC Percentage: 25.4%
  • Value: 8/10
  • Strain: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • Terpenes: Myrcene (herbal), Limonene (Citrus), Caryophyllene (Pepper).
  • Price: $4.37/gram – $30.61/7grams
  • Size:7 grams
  • Flavour: Herbal with floral notes
  • Aroma:  Herbal body with sweetness

Pink Kush Strain Lineage

Pure Sunfarms hit the jackpot when it released its Pink Kush strain several years ago, as the OG Kush and King strains cross has become one of the best sedated and relaxed Indica’s on the market.

Pink Kush is one of the only true Indica strains on the market right now, likely sitting at a 90/10 Indica Sativa split.

Taste and Aroma

The smell of the bud instantly hits you in the nose with a strong, sweet, herbal, and flowery aroma.

When lit in a bowl or joint, Pink Kush has a super strong herbal taste, with only slight hints of flowers on the side of your tongue. The earthy aftertaste then lingers on the back of your tongue and throat for quite a while, which isn’t the most pleasant thing.

After reviewing the strain, Pink Kush also smells quite a lot like it tastes, except that it hits your nose far sweeter than the taste would suggest.

The myrcene and limonene terpenes really show their faces, dominating the strain’s entire aroma and taste profile.

Effects and High

Pink Kush has been one of the most relaxing body-dominant indicas we have had the pleasure of reviewing.

Seconds after you inhale the strain, you will start to feel your body relax, and your mind will slow down. Crawling its way up from the bottom of your feet to your head, wave after wave of sedation and relaxation will overcome you. The munchies will then set in about 30 minutes later.

The strain also seems to do a great job of controlling pain, muting several migraines, and helping with body aches.

The effects of Pink Kush are perfect for those looking to have a relaxing night and maybe even ease some pain.

An image of Pure Sunfarm's Pink Kush strain packaging, showcasing that the product is 7 grams of 90/10 Indica-dominant hybrid flower sitting at 25.4% THC
an Image of 's Frosted Cherry strain bud, showcasing the light green colorings mixed with beautiful yellows.

Is This a Good Value Strain?

Considering how high-quality Pure Sunfarm’s products are, their prices are quite reasonable. Sitting at $30.91 per 7 grams of Pink Kush, you really can’t go wrong.

The THC percentage isn’t anything crazy, but a bowl or two of this stuff will get you exactly where you need to be. Again, there’s a reason why Canadians have been choosing to buy Pink Kush in droves for several years now.

Bud Quality

For $30.91, the bud was seriously impressive, with dense and sticky nugs that hit you with a sweet and herbal smell. It also probably helps that the weed

Is Pink Kush a Strong Strain?

While not the most hard-hitting strain in the world, Pink Kush definitely packs a punch, especially once you smoke a gram or more of the flower.

Sitting at 25.4% THC, Pink Kush has a decently high THC level, especially for regular bud. You won’t have to smoke a boatload of this stuff to get stoned.

Would I purchase This Strain Again?

Yes, I would 100% purchase this strain again, and guess what? I’ve already purchased it several times. It hits a sweet spot for me, sitting at a great price with great potency and a decent size.

While in terms of effects, it is definitely not my favourite Indica of all time, I always consider picking up a bag when we drop down at the local dispensary. It’s an easy top 10, and it’s cheaper than my all-time favourite indica.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy your weed, it’s normal to have some questions. Let me answer some of the most common questions about the Pink Kush Strain.

Is Pink Kush Indica or Sativa?

Pink Kush is an Indica weed strain related to the world-famous Og Kush. It offers a stereotypically relaxed and sedated Indica high

Does Pink Kush Make You Sleepy?

Pink Kush 100% has the ability to put you to sleep, especially if you smoke the strain in the evening.

Why is Pink Kush So Popular In Canada?

Pink Kush sits at a sweet spot in terms of strength, affordability, and quality. Pure Sunfarms has really hit it out of the park with this one

Is Pink Kush Strong?

Pink Kush is slightly above average in terms of potency. You can definitely get baked with the stuff, but it’s not heavy hitter.

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