Good Supply Vape Pen: Step-by-Step Instructions

An image outlining the instructions you need to follow in order to use the Good Supply Vape Pen.

The Good Supply vape pen is super easy to use, and with our instructions, we will have you smoking on a new 510 cart in no time. Come with us as we explain everything you need to know about the vape pen, from how to use it to maintenance and heat settings.

How to use the Good Supply Vape Pen

Unfortunately, the Good Supply vape pen doesn’t have a manual attached, leaving you in the dark as to what the blinking lights mean. Although it is super simple, it never hurts to have a rundown, and it’s never nice to have to wait around to try your new cart like Good Supply’s Purple Monkey.

Here are the instructions for how to use the Good Supply Vape Pen:

  1. Attach Your Vape Cartridge: First, start by installing the cartridge by turning it clockwise into the battery until it’s flush.
  2. Turn It On: Turn on the battery by tapping the button five times quickly. Once it is on, the light will blink several times.
  3. Preheat the Battery: It’s always a good idea to preheat your cartridge because it makes it much easier to smoke. You can preheat the battery by pressing the button quickly two times. You will know the preheating is done when the flashing light stops.
  4. Select A Heat Setting: You can press the button rapidly three times to cycle through the heat settings. The heat settings are low (White), medium (Blue), and red (High).
  5. Enjoy Your Cartridge: Once you have gone through the heat settings, you can choose the one that works for you and smoke your cart.

an image of a man using a good supply vape pen after following our steps to use the product.

Good Supply Vape Battery Heat Settings

The heat settings on Good Supply’s vape pen are straightforward, meaning that even without instructions, they are pretty self-explanatory.

Here are the three Good Supply vape pen colours:


The lowest heat setting on the Good Supply Vape Pen is white; if you are a newer smoker, this setting will be the least harsh, as it will be the coolest, but you will also get smaller vapour clouds.


Blue is the medium heat level with this battery; it definitely bumps up the heat and amount of vapor you get from each drag.


Red is the hottest setting, meaning it is going to be nearly maxing out the voltage on the battery, sitting at around 4V. At this setting, you may notice the flavour is a little bit burnt, but you will get a very large cloud of smoke.

An image of a good supply purple monkey cartridge along with a good supply vape pen and charger.

How To Charge The Good Supply Vape Pen

Seeing as there is no manual for the Good Supply vape pen, it’s understandable that you could get a bit confused as to how you charge it.

Here is how you charge your Good Supply battery:

  1. Start by removing the cartridge from the top of the pen by screwing it counterclockwise.
  1. Find your USB charger and screw it all the way down on the top of the pen, going clockwise. You must ensure the heating element is flush with the USB screw.
  1. Plug the USB end into a computer, phone charging block, or any other electrified USB charging port.
  1. Look for a red light when charging the Good Supply vape pen; it means it’s actively charging. (The USB chargers are universal, so you can use any.)
  1. Once the light has changed (usually to a green color), you are good to start smoking again, as your battery is fully charged.

Cleaning Your Vape Pen

Unfortunately, sometimes your 510 cartridges may leak slightly onto the heating element, leading to a sticky situation. There may not be any instructions on how to clean it, but it can be done simply with water or, even better, with rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol works perfectly to remove any resin or distillate that may be stuck to the cart, and it can even be used to clean dirty bongs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Inhale With The Good Supply Vape Pen?

You will be able to drag for a solid 8 seconds before the vape pen begins blinking and the heating element turns off. This is what’s known as hitting a “blinker”.

Why is my Good Supply vape pen blinking?

Your vape pen is blinking for one of several reasons, usually meaning the battery is dead, it’s preheating, or you have just dragged on it for the maximum amount of time.

Why is my Good Supply vape pen blinking blue?

Your vape Pen will blink blue when you have it set to the medium heat setting. When it’s set at that heat level, all flashes will be in the selected color, including turning it on and off, smoking it, and preheating.

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