Good Supply Purple Monkey: Cartridge Analysis

An image of Good Supply's Purple Monkey cartridge out side of its packaging showcasing its 80% THC BHO distillate

Good Supply Purple Monkey: Cartridge Analysis

A comprehensive review image for Good Supply's Purple Monkey Cartridge giving a visual review of the high and effects, THC percentage, value, strain type, and price.

Good Supply’s Purple Monkey cartridge offers a nice grape kick with some floral notes that lead you into a happy yet relaxed high. This potent combination has been created by crossing most likely Mendo Purps or Grandaddy Purple Deep Chunk.

If a hard-hitting sweet grape cartridge seems like it’s in your wheelhouse, you’re in the right place. This Purple Monkey strain review will cover everything you need to know, like the effects, flavour, smell, price, and overall quality.

Purple Monkey Pros & Cons


  • Potent sweet grape flavour
  • Mid-range price


  • Can cause anxiety

How I Reviewed Good Supply’s Purple Monkey Cartridge

My Good Supply Purple Monkey review with a batch packaged on July 15, 2023, with a batch number that unfortunately got rubbed off before I purchased it.

My analysis of the 510 cart saw me using 2 different better pens at a full 6 different temperature ranges to get a full understanding of the flavour.

Good Supply Purple Monkey Strain Profile

An image of Good Supply's Purple Monkey cartridge out side of its packaging showcasing its 80% THC BHO distillate
  • THC Percentage: 80%
  • Value: 7/10
  • Strain Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Terpenes: Myrcene (Herbal), Beta-Caryophyllene (Pepper), Pinene (Pine), Nerolidol (Floral)
  • Price: $31.97
  • Size: 1 gram
  • Flavour: Strong grape kick with slight floral notes on the exhale
  • Aroma: Strong sweet grape smell

Purple Monkey Strain Lineage

Good Supply’s Purple Monkey is an Indica-dominant strain that has been created by crossing Deep Chunk with Grand Daddy Purple or Mendo Purps.

This combination of cannabis plants has created a lovely Indica that offers a sedated and relaxed high.

Purple Monkey Taste and Aroma

When first purchasing the Purple Monkey vape cartridge, I was super excited to see the potent grape flavour I had heard so much about, and it didn’t disappoint.

The first inhale introduces you to the smooth grape taste, and as you smoke more and more, you will begin to notice some minor pine and floral notes. The flavour on this cart hits you in the face – it’s not hiding in the background, instead taking mainstage, most likely also showcasing at least some botanical terpenes.

When exhaling through your nose, you get a super potent grape aroma; the confectionary sweet smell overwhelms everything else.

That is to say, I really enjoyed the overall taste and smell profile, and throughout my 10+ sessions smoking this cart, I was disappointed once.

Purple Monkey Effects and High


The Purple Monkey cartridge is a BHO distillate cartridge, meaning it won’t be as strong as a resin or rosin cart, but it still packs a decent kick.

Sitting at 80% I was consistently met with a nice relaxed and sleepy high all throughout my review of Good Supply’s Purple Monkey. As well, I saw some sources claiming it offered some giggly euphoria, but that was completely missing from my experience, not a factor.

This cartridge overall sits at a nice middle ground in terms of potency, hitting you quite hard but definitely not knocking you off your feet. The only people who may have some issues with the potency are beginner stoners or you have just come off of a tolerance break.

Is Good Supply’s Purple Monkey a Good Value 510 Cartridge?

Sitting at $31.97, the Purple Monkey 510 vape sits at a relatively average price when compared to similar products. For the price, you will easily get 10 or more sessions, meaning each session should cost you less than $3.

After reviewing the Purple Monkey 510 by Good Supply, I can honestly say it’s quite a good deal, but then again, most carts give you a great bang for your buck.

Concentrate and Vape Quality

The Purple Monkey vape is really high quality, as I would expect from Good Supply. The cartridge didn’t clog at all and took very well to a range of different heat settings.

However, I did have one issue with my cart getting “stuck” on my battery, because when I attempted to screw it off, the cart itself rotated and not the thread. Just be aware that if you try to unscrew it with the top of the vape, it may not unscrew.

Is Good Supply’s Purple Monkey Cartridge Strong?

To start, Purple Monkey wasn’t a strain bred for its THC content, but instead for its flavour and effects. Good Supply really did their best with this one though, getting their Purple Monkey distillate up to 80%.

However, throughout my review of the Purple Monkey cartridge, I wasn’t really that impressed with the potency. It definitely gets you where you’re going, but if you are someone who smokes a lot like me, you will have to drag quite a few times.

Again, you should have absolutely no issues with the potency if you’re not an everyday smoker, but chronic’s may prefer something stronger.

Would I purchase This Cartridge Again?

The big question is, would I actually purchase the Purple Monkey Cartridge again? My answer to that would be no.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slighting Good Supply or the strain; it’s just that I can get a similar experience for less, and if I want potency, I will go with another product. This product is perfect for those who love a nice grape flavor and want a mellow Indica. I just have other strains I prefer.

Purple Monkey Strain Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer some more questions about this strain, to help you know everything before purchasing.

What are the Effects of the Good Supply Purple Monkey Cartridge?

Purple Monkey by Good Supply offers a sedating and relaxing Indica high that fits right in line with its lineage.

Does the Purple Monkey Cartridge Have Negative Effects?

Throughout my time smoking Purple Monkey, I only had one bad experience where I did feel some slight anxiety.

Is Purple Monkey Indica or Sativa?

The Purple Monkey strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that sits about 90% Indica and 10% sativa genes.

What Strain is Purple Monkey?

Purple Monkey is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Deep Chunk with Grand Daddy Purple or Mendo Purps.

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