Fuego Cherry Blossom OG: Strain Review

Im age of the Fuego Cherry Blossom OG 510 cartridge.

Fuego Cherry Blossom OG: Strain Review

A Quick Fuego Cherry Blossom OG  review

Fuego Cherry Blossom OG is a great cherry flavoured cartridge that caught my eye the last time I walked into my local dispensary having being created with the Berry blossom and/or Cherry pie strains. Sitting at 88% THC, I was excited to try out what I hoped would be a great cherry and flowery 510 cart.

In the section below, I will take you through a complete Fuego Cherry Blossom OG review. The main areas I will be looking at are Cherry Blossom OG’s effects, THC percentage, use cases, taste, and much more.

Cherry Blossom OG Pros and Cons

Cherry Blossom OG Pros:

  • High THC Percentage.
  • Mid-Range Price.

Cherry Blossom OG Cons:

  • Mild Paranoia.

Fuego Cherry Blossom OG Strain Profile

Im age of the Fuego Cherry Blossom OG 510 cartridge.
  • THC Percentage: 84-88%.
  • Value: 7/10.
  • Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid.
  • Terpenes: Myrcene (Herbal), Limonene (Citrus).
  • Price: $33.34/g.
  • Size: 1g.
  • Flavour: Cherry with generally sweet undertones.
  • Aroma: Rich aroma of cherries with a delicate hint of sweetness.

Cherry Blossom OG Lineage

Due to the Cherry Blossom OG strain’s pre-legalization roots, it’s quite hard to pinpoint the exact strain parents. But it’s highly likely that Berry blossom and/or Cherry pie are within its lineage.

Indica-dominant, Fuego Cherry Blossom OG delivers a potent dose of THC that can leave you wondering where exactly the time went.

Cherry Blossom OG Effects and High

Before writing this Cherry Blossom OG cartridge review I personally consumed about 0.5g of the strain. Getting high 4 times.

From this, I can confidently say that Cherry Blossom OG offers an uplifting and overall happy high. The strain also offers a quite “spacey” feeling, making it easy for you to lose track of time.
With its uplifting, relaxed, and euphoric effects, this strain is great at relieving discomfort while inducing a great calming feeling.

Cherry Blossom OG Strength

Created using Ethanol, Cherry Blossom OG boasts a high THC percentage of 88%, making it an incredibly potent cannabis strain. 

Due to its high potency, I found that the effects of the Cherry Blossom OG cartridge hit me quickly. Offering an extended period of relaxation and euphoria for roughly 2 hours.

Cherry Blossom OG Flavour and Aroma

Cherry Blossom OG by Fuego has a distinctive flavour and aroma profile. The taste is reminiscent of cherry with sweet undertones, creating a delicious and fruity experience.

The aroma is equally rich, with a dominant cherry scent that is accompanied by delicate notes of sweetness. Making it a great strain for anyone looking for a strong and sweet cartridge.

Cherry Blossom OG Negatives

Although Cherry Blossom OG is a highly enjoyable strain, it is not without its negative effects. I personally felt some mild paranoia and dizziness after consuming this strain.

However, these side effects are relatively uncommon and are generally outweighed by the positive effects. Making Cherry Blossom OG by Fuego a top choice nonetheless.

Fuego Cherry Blossom OG Use Cases

Fuego Cherry Blossom OG is an excellent choice for those seeking to alleviate minor pains and enjoy a peaceful slumber in a favorite spot. That is to say, it offers a lovely relaxing body high.

I also found that the strain brought on quite a large amount of sleepiness near the end of the session, making it an ideal choice for the evening.

Fuego Cherry Blossom OG Value

Fuego Cherry Blossom OG is a solid choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a tasty and potent strain at a mid-range price point. From my review of Fuegos’s Cherry Blossom OG, I would say it offers a decently potent high.

One of the other standouts of the strain is its delicious cherry flavour, making it a great smelling and tasting experience overall.

Overall, Fuego Cherry Blossom OG receives an 8/10 in terms of value, as it is a good strain, but there is room for improvement. My only downside is that I personally felt quite paranoid.

Cherry Blossom OG Quality

When trying Cherry Blossom OG by Fuego, I was looking to get a decently sweet cart for a mid-range price. Upon purchasing, I would have to say that the cart itself was of good quality. The only issue was I had some difficulty drawing smoke unless the heat was high. That was in addition to several clogging issues.

Despite these minor issues, the overall quality of this strain is decent, making it a popular choice at its price point.

Would I Purchase This Strain Again & Final Thoughts

In conclusion, from our Cherry Blossom OG strain review, the strain offers a unique flavour profile and potent effects. Although I personally had some mild negative effects, the overall quality and mid-range price point make it a great value buy.

Personally, I would highly recommend the Cherry Blossom OG strain, but I wouldn’t purchase it for myself. I feel as though I react badly to this specific strain, but it is a decent experience nonetheless.

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