Shred DankMeister XL : Strain Analysis

an image of the DankMeister XL weed by shred.

Shred DankMeister XL : Strain Analysis

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What is DankMeister XL?

DankMeister XL is a coarsely ground blended flower, made primarily to be smoked out of a bong or glass. I have personally consumed about 5 grams of this product before this DankMeister XL strain review, and the coarse ground has been great for smooth bowl hits.

I will be taking you through the Shred’s DankMeister XL hybrid bong blend milled flower, looking at the THC content, strength, effects, aroma, and more.

DankMeister XL Pros and Cons

DankMeister XL Pros:

  • Good Price
  • Decent Terpenes
  • Anxiety Reduction

DankMeister XL Cons:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Mild Paranoia

Shred DankMeister XL Strain Profile

an image of the DankMeister XL weed by shred.
  • THC Percentage:18-24%
  • Value: 9/10
  • Strain Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
  • Terpenes: Pinene (Woody Pine),  Myrcene (Herbal), Other Terpenes May Vary
  • Price: $4.56/g
  • Size:7g
  • Flavour: Woody Pine Body with hints of herbal sweetness.
  • Aroma: Strong Woody/Pine

DankMeister XL Lineage

You may wonder if DankMeister XL is a sativa or indica, seeing as it’s a blended product it can be hard to trace the exact lineage. However, I did a deep dive and managed to find the exact composition for you guys.

I got in contact with a rep and found out the DankMeister XL strain is made with Hollywood OG, ICC, Pink Kush, and Death Bubba.

DankMeister XL Effects and High

The effects of this unique product are quite in line with what you would expect from a sativa-leaning hybrid strain

In my review of Shred’s DankMeister XL, I was consistently met with a focused and uplifting cerebral high. The strong Pinene presence in this product really shows its head here with an overall positive and happy experience.

I experienced a state of hyperfocus where my attention was jumping from one idea to another, resulting in engaging conversations.

If you’re after a mellow high that boosts productivity, This product is the perfect choice. Its effects are sure to satisfy.

DankMeister XL Strength

The DankMeister XL strain is that it’s really not that potent in all honesty. You can smoke a large amount of this flower pretty much consequence-free.

The batch I personally purchased sat at 18.5% THC, but it really took quite a lot of flower to get any intense effects. The duration of strain’s effects lasted for approximately 2 hours, which is considered typical for this type of flower.

DankMeister XL Flavour and Aroma

From my DankMeister XL shred strain review, I found the strain’s scent is characterized by a strong woody-pine fragrance. The taste is also consistent with the scent, offering a hard-hitting pine and earthy taste.

It’s easy to identify Pinene and Myrcene terpenes, while the other minor terpenes are less noticeable.

The taste and smell profile of this strain really reminds me of taking a hike in the Rockies, with its woody body.

DankMeister XL Negatives

Through smoking roughly 7 grams of this product, I can confidently say that there are very few negatives to Shred’s DankMeister strain.

The only downside I was able to truly not is that upon smoking a large quantity of the flower, some mild paranoia may set in.

an image of Shred DankMeister XL packaging

Shred DankMeister XL Use Cases

Shred DankMeister XL is an ideal cannabis strain if you’re seeking a sharp, and overall elevated high.

Its specific combination of cannabinoids and terpenes can induce a cerebral and energetic effect, making it perfect for daytime use.

This strain is also great to smoke among friends, seeing as it’s relatively mild and can be shared without causing any green out.

Shred DankMeister XL Value

DankMeister XL is a cannabis strain that provides excellent overall value if you want quality weed without breaking the bank. 

At just $4.56 per gram, this product offers 7 grams of decent-quality weed, making it an excellent bargain buy for those on a budget.

I can confidently say from my review of Shred’s DankMeister XL, although the product isn’t hard-hitting, it offers a great bang for your buck. In terms of raw value, I would have to give it a 9/10.

Overall Bud and Product Quality

The actual quality of the Shred Dankmeister XL bong blend is about below average. I personally had too many stems in my batch to really say the flower is of high quality.

This product is really only made to be smoked out of a bowl, and it shows, the harsh blend is hard to roll, and really only good for bongs.

Would I Purchase This Strain Again & Final Thoughts

While DankMeister XL is undoubtedly an excellent value buy for budget-conscious cannabis enthusiasts, it may not be the right fit for everyone.

Although the aroma and flavor profile was decent, I personally prefer slightly stronger strains, especially when it comes to sativas. Additionally, I tend to gravitate towards fruity and sweet flavors when smoking sativa-leaning hybrids.

That is to say, I would personally not purchase this product again.

This is purely a matter of personal preference, and it does not reflect poorly on the quality of the product. This strain could be perfect for a new stoner or someone looking to have a mellow sativa experience.

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  1. Granola

    I really liked this bag of mixed bud 🙂 I definitely would feel confident walking around in public alone or with company. Some sativa strains give me too much paranoia, as a anxiety head I can appreciate the lower thc %.

  2. BigStoner

    pretty good strain overall. Also this is a great dankmeister XL review, I was looking everywhere for some info before I bought a quarter of this stuff and this has really helped me out!

  3. Slamdalf

    Great review; I second what BigStoner said above me. Thank you!

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