Complete Analysis of the Redecan Cold Creek Kush Strain

Cold Creek Kush packaging with the Joint box and plastic bag next to a Cold Creek Kush pre-roll joint.

Complete Analysis of the Redecan Cold Creek Kush Strain


Cold Creek Kush Strain Analysis

Review Rating for the Cold Creek Kush Strain cannabis flower and pre-rolls. The image showcases Cold Creek Kush's effects, THC percentage, Terpenes, Strain type, and price

Welcome to our Cold Creek Kush strain review! For this review, I have gone out to purchase some Redecan Cold Creek Kush pre-rolls and flower.

Weed can be pretty expensive. I get that, it’s the absolute worst feeling when you get home and go to roll up or smoke, only to be met with some honestly crap weed. 

That’s why in this strain review I will be looking through the strain’s effects, THC percentage, high quality, and much more. Our aim is to make sure every bowl and joint you smoke gets you the high you’re looking for.

What Is The Cold Creek Kush Strain 

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  • Percentage: 17-24%
  • Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Nerolidol.
  • Strain Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)
  • Price: $7.50/g – $16.95 (Pre-rolls)
  • Sizes: 1g – 28g
  • Flavour: Earthy and Sweet

To answer the most pressing question, is Cold Creek Kush Indica or Sativa? The simple answer is that the strain is a Sativa dominant Hybrid, made by combining the MK Ultra strain with Chemdawg 91. This combination of strains offers a great spicy and herbal flavour.

As for the aroma, Cold Creek Kush delivers an honestly, quite pleasant earthy smell, with the Pinene terpene showing its face proudly. To quote the distributor, “the strain smells like a rainforest”.

Cold Creek Kush Effects

Redees Cold Creek Kush has a THC percentage that sits at a comfortable 17-24%, with the batch I purchased sitting right at 19.7%. The CBD percentage for this strain is quite low though, most often being in the range of 0-1.5%

Now onto the strain’s terpene profile. The terpenes found within the strain consist of Pinene, Limonene, caryophyllene, and Nerolidol.

In plain English terms, expect to receive an uplifting and creative high. My personal recommendation is to smoke some of this strain during the day

This strain is honestly a great strain for when you need a smoke but still want to read a book or get some errands done.

Is Redecan’s Cold Creek Kush Worth it?

5 Redecan Cold Creek Kush pre-rolled joints sticking out of cardboard container.

Nowadays, with the explosion that has been the cannabis industry, stoners have far more choices in terms of strains. With that being said, Redecans Cold Creek Kush sits at the upper end of Hybrid strains I have tried. 

In regards to bud quality, the flower for this strain is great – Redecan usually offers a selection of incredibly high-quality buds.

The flower and pre-rolls this time around offered a very mellow and happy high experience. Although it did take me 2 pre-rolls to really feel the effects

That is to say, it doesn’t knock you off your feet, it’s an incredibly manageable strain, that again, is great for a day out. You should be able to function perfectly.

  • High 7/10

Is The Strain Worth The Price?

Now onto the price, the big question that really decides whether or not a strain is worth it. Sitting comfortably at $7.50 per gram, and about $17 for a pack of 10 pre-rolls. I cannot in good faith say that this is a cost-effective strain, it’s definitely on the nicer end – quite bougie.

The flower is honestly fantastic quality, but I really can’t wrap my head around spending $210 for an ounce.

  • Value: 4/10

Would We Purchase It Again?

If you’re in the market for a really high-quality Hybrid strain in a pre-roll, I would highly recommend this strain. 

However, in terms of actual bud, I have seen other strains offer much more bang for your buck.  

You can get a nice high percentage hybrid for about $110 per ounce, and honestly, in flower, I would prefer to go in that direction.

That is all to say, the pre-rolls are 100% worth it, but in terms of flower, maybe look elsewhere.

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4.7 / 5. 3

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