an image of General Admission's tiger blood pre-roll being held up to a white background. 34.8% THC

General Admission Tiger Blood: Strain Analysis

KalebMar 22, 2024

General Admission’s Tiger blood strain is a potent and tasty Indica-dominant hybrid combination, created through the crossing of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Tres Dawg. The tiger blood strain is honestly one of the tastiest strains and pre-rolls we have…

an image of the back forty watermelon ice strain cartridge next to the packaging on a white background.

Back Forty Watermelon Ice: Strain Analysis

KalebJan 30, 2024

Back Forty’s Watermelon Ice is a lovely Indica dominant strain that offers a talkative head high before easing into a more sedated sleepy feeling. The disposable battery Back Forty made for their Watermelon ice vape is also quite nice, although…

an Image of Back Forty's Wedding Pie bud, showcasing the light green colorings mixed with brows.

Back Forty Wedding Pie: Strain Analysis

KalebJan 24, 2024

Back Forty’s Wedding Pie strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that starts off with a nice head buzz before settling into a sedated, almost couch locked feeling. The fragrant and sweet Wedding Pie strain has been crafted by crossing Wedding Cake…

an Image of Pure Sunfarm's Pink Kush Strainbud, showcasing the light green colorings mixed with brows.

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush: Strain Analysis

KalebJan 2, 2024

Pink Kush is a body-dominant relaxed and sedated Indica-dominant strain created by crossing the OG Kush and King strains. Seeing as it has dominated much of the Canadian cannabis market for years now, we had to give Pure Sunfarm’s oh-so-famous…

an Image of Potluck's Frosted Cherry strain bud, showcasing the light green colorings mixed with beautiful yellows.

Potluck Frosted Cherry (Cookies) : Strain Analysis

KalebNov 27, 2023

Frosted Cherry, AKA the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain, is a relaxed and giggly Indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the White and Cherry cookies. Let us take you through our hands-on review of Potluck’s Frosted Cherry weed. The main points…