Canaca Shredded Weedies: The Complete Review

an Image of Canaca Shredded Weedies Milled Flower

Canaca Shredded Weedies: The Complete Review

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Canaca Shredded Weedies caught my eye in the dispensary for several reasons, not the least of which was its THC percentage. Let’s see what this BHO resin-infused cannabis has to offer.

In this article, I will take you through an in-depth Canaca Shredded Weedies review, looking at the Sky OG strain. The areas I will highlight include strain integrity, smell, flavour, high, terpenes, and much more!

Canaca Shredded Weedies Strain Profile

an Image of Canaca Shredded Weedies Milled Flower
  • THC Percentage: 25-33%.
  • Strain Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant).
  • Terpenes: Myrcene (Herbal), Limonene (Citrus), Caryophyllene (Pepper).
  • Price: $8.12/g.
  • Size: 3g
  • Flavour: Sage and Herbal body, with spicy undertones.
  • Aroma: Earthy and herbal with very slight sweet/citrus.

The Shredded Weedies milled flower truly has a lack of information on the internet, therefore I was unable to find exact parent strains.

That being said this earthy and herbal weed most strikes me as a child of OG Kush, with most likely another potent Indica making the other 50%
I should also mention, this strain IS NOT Skywalker Kush or Skywalker OG, similar naming conventions but different strains.

Shredded Weedies Aroma and Flavour

Once you open the packaging, this Canaca weed immediately hits you with a strong herbal/sage smell with slight notes of citrus. The bud smells great if I’m going to be honest, the Myrcene terpene takes hold of the bud smell.

The aroma of Shredded Weedies doesn’t change too drastically upon combustion – if the Canaca strain leans further into its body. By this I mean the smell is completely overwhelmed with an earthy sage aroma. 

Overall, I’m personally not the biggest fan of this strain’s smell after lighting it, I’m more drawn to sweet and citrusy weeds.

For this strain review, I have gone ahead and smoked several bowls of the cannabis, alongside vaporizing about 0.5g. I personally find that vaporizing cannabis brings out a deep flavour profile.

From my rounds with this Sky OG resin-infused milled flower, I found a very strong herbal sage flavour, with a slightly spicy aftertaste

There honestly wasn’t too much depth to the flavour, and unlike what is said on some other platforms, I couldn’t taste any “blue cheese”.

Shredded Weedies Effects and High

Now, onto the most important aspect of any weed, how does the strain affect you, and what does the high feel like?

I most felt the effects of this strain after taking quite a few large bong rips. Canaca’s Shredded Weedies open with a slight head buzz that is quickly followed by an intense body high.

When I say intense I mean a full-body Indica high. For lack of a better way to describe it, I felt as though I was falling into my chair, my whole body felt heavy.  

Shredded Weedies is overall incredibly relaxing and soothing, It has honestly been a while since I got such a strong body high. It’s definitely one of Canca’s higher THC products.

Again, the myrcene terpene is mostly showing its head, known for offering that sedated Indica feeling.

Is Shredded Weedies by Canaca a Good Strain?

An Image Of Canaca's Shredded Weedies cannabis packaging

The Shredded Weedies Sky OG Milled Flower I personally purchased packed one hell of a punch. With the weed sitting at 31% THC.

The milled cannabis was also extremely finely ground, making it hard to tell if it was moist or not. But nevertheless, the cannabis felt and smelled high quality.

Is Shredded Weedies by Canaca a Good Value?

To begin with, Canaca cannabis isn’t known as a budget brand, and this product is one of the most expensive in their lineup.

Coming in only 3g packages, and being sold for roughly $8.12/g, that’s a $227 ounce. It is by far the most expensive cannabis I have reviewed thus far.

However, I must say, there is a reason for the steep price point, the BHO resin-infused cannabis offers a strong high. Again, the batch I personally purchased sits at about 31%, making this product one of the stronger flowers out there.

It seems to me that Canaca’s Shredded Weedies is more of a treat, not really a flower you smoke daily.

In conclusion, I would give this strain a 5/10 in terms of value, it’s some great weed, but it’s just too pricey.

What is the Sky OG Shredded Weedies Strain Good For?

Shredded Weedies by Canaca is a fantastic indica-leaning hybrid, so much so that I struggle to really call it a hybrid strain.

As for what the strain is good for? My recommendation is to use this product as a bowl topper, add a small amount of it to a bowl and deepen your high. The milled flower is strong enough to still be felt even as a topper.

The relaxing effects of the strain can be used in conjunction with another Indica for extreme sedation. Or added with some Sativa to provide a varied experience.

Would I purchase Canaca’s Shredded Weedies Again?

That’s the real question at the end of the day, is Shredded Weedies by Canaca worth buying again? My answer to that is sadly no.

I’m by no means saying that the strain isn’t fantastic with a great high, it’s just that at this price point, I feel you can get some killer products.

From our Shredded Weedies review, we found the weed at a price point where it competes with too many nice products

I personally enjoyed this product, but I can’t in good faith say that it is the best deal, or offers the deepest terp profile.
Give it a shot if you’re looking for a product to mix with some other great cannabis, that’s where this weed shines.

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