Cali Hell on Wheels: Strain Analysis

an Image of Cali's Hell on Wheels strain bud, showcasing the dark green colorings mixed with beautiful browns.

Cali Hell on Wheels: Strain Analysis

A review image for Cali's Hell on Wheels strain, giving a visual review of the high and effects, THC percentage, value, strain type, and price.

Cali’s Hell on Wheels strain is a strong Indica hybrid created by crossing 9 LB Hammer and Sunset MAC. This combination creates a unique high that cycles from an energized clear-headedness into deep sedation.

Let me take you through my in-depth Hell on Wheels strain review. I’ll be taking you through effects, taste, aroma, uses, and much more.

Hell on Wheels Pros & Cons


  • Sedated
  • Clear-headed


  • Anxiety/Dread

How I Reviewed Cali’s Hell On Wheels Strain

My review of Cali’s Hell on Wheels strain was done with a batch packaged on June 19, 2023, with the batch number CD55538.

For this review, I smoked 3.5 grams of flower through a bowl, vaporizer, and joint over 5 separate smoking sessions. This varied approach lets me get a full understanding of the strain’s taste, aroma, effects, and potential negatives.

Cali Hell On Wheels Strain Profile

an Image of Cali's Hell on Wheels strain bud, showcasing the dark green colorings mixed with beautiful browns.
  • THC Percentage: 27% THC
  • Value: 4/10
  • Strain: Indica-dominate hybrid
  • Terpenes: 3.78% terps – Farnesene (Sweet), Caryophyllene (Pepper), Mycrene (Herbal)
  • Price: $11.04 /gram
  • Size: 3.5 grams
  • Flavour: Sweet on the center of palate with notes of spice
  • Aroma: Sweet pepper with hints of lemongrass

Hell On Wheels Strain Lineage

Hell on Wheels is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing 9lb hammer and Sunset MAC. This combination has created a unique indica high with varied effects ranging from euphoria to deep sedation.

Hell On Wheels Taste and Aroma

After cracking open the packaging, your nose is filled with a super sweet, peppery smell that lingers with lemongrass. Cali also mentioned there would be some berry aroma and taste, but it was absent from my batch.

Once combusted, Hell on Wheels continues to offer a deeply sweet and peppery aroma, but the lemongrass completely disappears.

The strain’s taste, on the other hand, was much more ambiguous, with a generally sweet and spicy flavor. The nuance that the aroma offered was gone by the time it hit my tongue.

Hell On Wheels Effects and High

The Hell on Wheels strain offers a rollercoaster of effects, starting with energetic euphoria that transforms into a more relaxed and sedated body high.

After inhalation, the strain begins to slowly take effect behind the eyes as the energetic elation takes hold. After about 20 minutes, the whole experience begins, as the mind will remain completely clear while the body begins to slow down.

This slow feeling will creep up from your feet to your head, completely relaxing every muscle in your body. By the end of it all, there is a good chance you will feel very sleepy.

An image of Cali's Hell on Wheelsstrain packaging, showcasing that the product is 3,5 grams of 85/15 Indica-dominant hybrid flower sitting at 27% THC

Is Cali’s Hell On Wheels a Good Value Strain?

You don’t need to dig for too much info to find that Cali’s Hell on Wheels strain doesn’t offer the greatest bang for your buck.

Sitting at 27% THC and $11.04 per gram, there are plenty of strains out there that will get you high for a cheaper price. The question is, do you want to go for quality or price?

Bud Quality

The bud quality was quite good, but you expect that from a product at this price point. The deep green and brown buds were compact and quite moist, making it easy to roll a joint or two.

Is Cali’s Hell On Wheels a Strong Strain?

While this strain is certainly no slouch sitting at 27% THC, it was slightly lacking in the potency department.

It may just be because I smoke daily, but It took almost a full gram of weed to really get stoned. Once you actually get there, though, this strain is a horse tranquilizer; it just took a while to get that high.

Would I Purchase This Strain Again?

The Hell on Wheels strain by Cali was definitely some nice bud, but again, you would expect that at this price point. However, I’ve reviewed enough cannabis at this point to say you can get this experience at a cheaper price point.

Unless you’re a connoisseur who really digs deep into the flavour and strain profile, there are probably better products out there for you. That is to say, no, I would not purchase this strain again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about the Hell on Wheels strain? Let me try to answer your questions.

What is the Hell On Wheels Strain?

Hell on Wheels is created by crossing 9lb Hammer and Sunset MAC. The combination has created an overall clear-headed and relaxed body high.

What are the Effects Of Hell On Wheels?

The strain offers a clear-headed yet body-sedated high that will leave you slumped within an hour.

Does Hell On Wheels Have Negative Effects?

Unfortunately, I had one pretty serious bout of anxiety/dread when smoking this strain. This may not happen to everyone, but be careful.

Is Hell On Wheels an Indica or Sativa?

Hell on Wheel is an Indica-dominant hybrid sitting at roughly an 85/15 split between Indica and Sativa.


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