Versus Black Mountain Skunk

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Versus Black Mountain Skunk

A review of Versus Black Mountain Skunk Strain

The Black Mountain Skunk strain is an Indica-dominant milled flower made by Versus, that in all honesty, is probably the shake from their BC God Bud. Nevertheless, Black Mountain Skunk has positioned itself as a cost-effective 7g bag of cannabis. 

 I’ll be taking you through my in-depth Black Mountain Skunk review, looking at the strain’s THC content, taste, smell, effects, and so much more! By the end, you’ll know whether or not this cheap quarter-milled flower is for you.

Black Mountain Skunk Strain Pros & Cons

Black Mountain Skunk Pros:

  • Great Price

Black Mountain Skunk Cons:

  • Quite a few stems
  • Not very potent

How I Reviewed Versus’s Black Mountain Skunk Strain

For this Black Mountain Skunk strain review, I have smoked the full 7 grams of cannabis, smoking the flower out of glass several times, and vaporizing it. 

I find that consuming the product in several different ways allows me to better understand the flavour, aroma, and effects.

Versus Black Mountain Skunk Strain Profile

  • THC Percentage: 21.4%
  • Value: 5/10
  • Strain Type: Indica Dominant
  • Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene (Pepper), Bisabolol (Floral), Myrcene (Herbal), Humulene (Hoppy), Limonene (Citrus)
  • Price: $3.55/g
  • Size: 7g
  • Flavour: Herbal and woody with some sweet lavender undertones
  • Aroma:  Woody and herbal, with slight sweetness.

Black Mountain Skunk Strain Lineage

Versus’s Black Mountain Skunk is a cheap Indica dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Purple Skunk and Hawaiian

however, this product is most likely just the shake (leftovers) from Versus’s BC God Bud, meaning it’s the byproduct weed.

Black Mountain Skunk Taste and Aroma

The Black Mountain Strain has a pretty nice flavour and aroma profile, all things considered, the taste and smell certainly don’t disappoint.

When consuming Versus’s quarter mill Black Mountain Skunk I was consistently met with an earthy and floral flavour. To elaborate further, Black Mount Skunks’ flavour was mulchy and lavender, with some slight spice on the sides of your palate.

The aroma of the strain was quite similar to the flavour, however, some terpenes showed out more, like the bisabolol. That is to say, the quarter mill of black mountain skunk offers a woody aroma with some sweet undertones.

As I stated above, I’m relatively certain this is the shake from their higher prices BC God Bud strain, it’s the same.

Black Mountain Skunk Effects and High

Now onto the most important part of any weed review, the effects and high offered by the strain.  

When smoking the Black Mountain Skunk strain I was immediately uplifted by a wave of euphoria, before it settled into a much more relaxed experience. As the relaxation heightens you get struck by waves of slowness, cooling the world around you, and causing a somewhat “spacey” feeling

The only downside to this was that the bud was seriously lacking in potency, although it said 21.4%, it didn’t hit like it. Once you actually got high it was lovely, but it took at least 0.5g to feel ANYTHING.

Additionally, the only negative effect I felt from my black mountain skunk strain review was some pretty severe dry eyes.

An image of the packing for Versus's Black Mountain Skunk Strain

Is Versus’s Black Mountain Skunk Good Value Strain?

Black Mountain Skunk may be a cheap quarter, aiming at the budget crowd, but does it truly offer a great bang for your buck?

From my extensive Black Mountain Skunk Strain review, I must say it’s truly not a great value, even with its cheap price tag.

The weed simply didn’t hit, almost at all, I have smoked products that claim 16%, and they are more potent than this. There are simply too many options in the budget category for me to recommend this strain. 

Black Mountain Skunk Bud Quality

I was quite disappointed in the quality of the bud in this package if I’m going to be honest. The Black Mountain Skunk was by no means dry, but there were just way too many stems in the product.

I get that this is one of Versus’s cheaper products, but this is simply unacceptable for a milled flower, Shred doesn’t do this and it’s the same price.

What is Versus’s Black Mountain Skunk Strain Good For?

Versus’s quarter mill of Black Mountain Skunk realistically is only for those who are new to smoking cannabis. 

Black Mountain Skunk’s lacking potency would make it fantastic for those who don’t smoke regularly, and especially for baby stoners who struggle with anxiety.

Would I purchase This Strain Again?

If you’ve read this far, I assume you can guess the answer I am going to have to this question, no I would not purchase Versus’s Black Mountain Skunk again.

The lacking potency combined with the number of stems in the milled cannabis makes this a hard miss for me. Again, this could be great if you’re brand new to smoking, but for anyone who knows cannabis, steer clear.

Is Black Mountain Skunk Indica or Sativa?

The Black Mountain Skunk Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain.

How Strong is Black Mountain Skunk?

Black Mountain Skunk is a quite weak cannabis strain, the product truly lacks any potency.

What is Black Mountain Skunk Good For?

Black Mountain Skunk would be best for those new to cannabis, or those looking to avoid any anxiety when smoking.

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