I’ll be presenting a comprehensive rundown of the top strains I’ve reviewed thus far. This curated list captures the finest cannabis varieties based on their unique characteristics, flavors, and effects. Additionally, I’m committed to keeping this list dynamic and up-to-date, ensuring that as new strains emerge, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest options in the world of cannabis. Get ready to explore a constantly evolving catalog of remarkable strains!

Top Rated Strains

#1 1964 Organic Gelato #41

A harmonious blend of sweetness and earthiness that dances on the center of the palate, leaving a lingering satisfaction. The aroma is an intoxicating combination of sweet lavender with subtle pepper undertones.

Upon inhalation, you are met with instant euphoria, your head clears as if you standing in a cloud. As the terpenes and THC settle into your body, however, you are met with a deep sense of relaxation in your body, but the head clarity remains.

a zoomed in image of the 1964 gelato #41 strain with its trichomes glistening with slight orange coloration.

#2 Panda Puff By Back Forty

Back Forty’s Panda Puff strain offers a unique flavor and aroma profile, mainly showcasing a slightly sweet Diesel taste

In terms of effects, Panda Puff delivers an immediate high with relaxation and mood elevation. As the high progresses, it transitions to a more sedated and sleepy state, accompanied by potential munchies.

#3 San Rafael 71 Farm Gas

San Rafael Farm Gas offers a mellow sweetness combined with some serious diesel gassiness, creating a potent and enjoyable flavour profile.

sitting at 28.5% THC, Farm Gas offers a relaxed and overall sedated high, while steering clear of any true “Couch locked” effects.

an Image of San Rafael's Farm Gas strain bud, showcases the dark green colorings mixed with beautiful purples.

#4 Canaca Shredded Weedies

Shredded Weedies offers a lovely earthy and sage smell, along with a nice sagey and spicey flavour.

Canaca resin-infused milled flower offered a head buzz followed by a profound body high, inducing a relaxing and heavy sensation. It is both potent and sedating, a nice indica experience.

an Image of Canaca Shredded Weedies Milled Flower

#5 Back Forty Mandarin Cookies

the flavor is a delightful blend of citrus and fruity notes, combining the best of both worlds., and the aroma perfectly complements the flavor, with a prominent orange fragrance.

As for the high, it’s uplifting, happy, and lasts around two hours, providing stress relief and an overall elated feeling.

A zoomed in image of a Mandarin Cookies Bud by Back Forty

#6 Canaca Ghost Gelato

The bud smells incredibly herbal and the combusted weed offers a deep earthy kick, that relaxes into a fruity sweet flavour.

The high was immediate. offering an upbeat and mood-lifting sativa high. Really great if you’re struggling with anxiety or if you are having too much stress.

an Image of Canaca's Ghost Gelato strain bud, showcases the light green colorings mixed with beautiful oranges.

#7 Tweed Tiger Cake

The smell is a strong lemon scent, accompanied by hints of menthol, while the flavour pleasantly surprised me with a unique combination of vanilla, citrus (orange/lemon rind), and an earthy, fresh aftertaste.

In terms of effects, Tiger Cake provided immediate calming and stress relief, gradually transitioning into a relaxed and calm high.

An image of Tweed's Tiger Cake Strain

#8 Redecan Cold Creek Kush

The flavour is a great spicy and herbal taste, while the aroma is earthy and pleasant, featuring the prominent presence of Pinene, reminiscent of a rainforest.

Expect to receive an uplifting and creative high. My personal recommendation is to smoke some of this strain during the day.

Cold Creek Kush pre-roll joint lit in front of a white background

#9 Dab Bods Melonberry

The inhalation reveals a burst of citrus, berries, and tropical sweetness, accompanied by tangy hints of citrus from limonene and earthy undertones from myrcene and linalool. The aroma combines berries with a subtle floral note, creating an enjoyable scent.

e high begins with euphoria and happiness, transitioning into a soothing relaxation that induces sleepiness.

Dab Bods Watermelon Zum Zum pre roll being smoked

#10 Fuego Cherry Blossom OG

The flavor is reminiscent of cherries with sweet undertones, offering a fruity and delightful experience., while the aroma is rich, dominated by cherry notes, and accompanied by subtle sweetness.

Provides an uplifting and happy high, along with a slightly “spacey” feeling. It effectively relieves discomfort and induces a calming sensation.

Im age of the Fuego Cherry Blossom OG 510 cartridge.

Top Indica Strains

1964 Organic Gelato #417/105/527.3%$9.13/g
TGOD Organic Gold Butter Mac6/104/533.8%$4.56/g
Tweed Tiger Cake7/103.5/529.5%$6.55/g
Bush League Sour Kush9.5/104/524.7%$2.55/g
San Rafael Farm Gas8.5/104.5/528.5%$7.13/g

Top Sativa Strains

Back Forty Mandarin Cookies8.5/104.5/526.5%$4.95/g
Canaca Ghost Gelato8/104/531%$5.99/g
Redecan Cold Creek Kush5/103.5/519.7%$7.50/g
Dab Bods Melonberry4/103.5/533%$12.66/g
Versus Bc God Bud5/103.5/524.3%$8.65/g

Best Value Strains

Bush League Sour Kush9.5/103.5/524.7%$2.55/g
Shred Dankmeister XL9/103/518.5%$4.56/g
Back Forty Panda Puff8.5/103.5/529.5%$5.12/g
Back Forty Mandarin Cookies8.5/104/529.6%$4.95/g
San Rafael Farm Gas8.5/104.5/528.5%$7.13/g

Best Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Dab Bods Strawberry Freeze4/104.5/531.9%$12.66/g
Dab Bods Blueberry Haze4/104.5/532.2%$12.66/g
Redecan Cold Creek Kush5/103.5/519.7%$7.50/g
Dab Bods Melonberry4/103.5/533%$12.66/g
Versus Bc God Bud5/103.5/524.3%$8.65/g