The Complete Bake Sale Indica Review

Bake Sale Indica flower showing off trichomes and THC

The Complete Bake Sale Indica Review


An In-Depth Look into the Beloved Bake Sale Indica Strain

Review Rating for the All Purpose Indica flower Strain cannabis flower . The image showcases Bake Sale's all purpose indica flower effects, THC percentage, Terpenes, Strain type, and price
Bake Sale Indica flower showing off trichomes and THC

Bake Sale Indica has slowly but surely become a mainstay in many dispensaries across the country. 

The strain’s strikingly low price combined with overall quality has made it a sell-out product in most stores.

In this review, I will be exploring Bake Sales All Purpose Indica flower strain in depth, trying to decipher what makes this plant so beloved in this strain review

The key aspects we will be pointing out are the plants, effects, high quality, aroma, bud quality, terpenes, and much more.

Bake Sale Indica Strain Strain Profile

In Image of bake Sale All Purpose Indica Flower
  • THC Percentage:14-24%
  • Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Myrcene
  • Price: $2.30/g
  • Size: 14g – 28g
  • Flavour: Earthy with Slight Pine and Mint.
  • Aroma: Spicy and Earthy.

As for the lineage of this strain, I wasn’t able to track down the exact lineage, . But what I do know is that it is a blended weed created by HEXO Operations with a decent flavour and aroma profile .

The resulting strain is quite potent for the price it’s sitting at. As for the flavour, Bake Sale Indica offers a great earthy punch, with a very slight woody aftertaste.

The aroma, on the other hand, is much more ambiguous. I was definitely able to pick up a decent amount of spice with undertones of what I have to describe as a mulch smell

That is to say, it’s not my forte in terms of taste and smell. I can see the appeal, but it’s not up my alley.

Is Bake Sale’s All Purpose Indica Flower a Good Strain?

We now get to the most important question, is it a good strain, and does the Indica All Purpose Flower offer a good high?

The simple answer to that is that Bake Sale’s Indica high was average – the main high feeling made me relaxed and sleepy. As any Indica should, unfortunately though, that’s where it ended.

It was a super slumped feeling with limited depth, if I’m going to be honest. Again, it gets you there, but there are many other strains that hit its niche better than it does.

The All Purpose Indica Flower simply showcases itself as a textbook middle-of-the-road Indica. Additionally, Like many other strains, the high lasted for 2 hours.

Is Buying All Purpose Flower Indica by Bake Sale Worth It?

Now we get into the saving grace of this strain, its value, and the cost-to-effectiveness ratio.

To put it simply, both Bake Sale’s All Purpose Sativa and Indica flowers sit at incredibly low prices for what you get. The price can range around the country, however, in Alberta, and Ontario you can get a whole ounce for about $60-$80.

That’s a whole ounce of 20% THC bud. To be frank, you can’t beat that offer – I haven’t seen a cheaper ounce in any dispensary across the country.

Overall, the strain isn’t gonna knock your shoes off but certainly won’t burn any holes in your pockets.

What Is This Strain Good For?

Despite saying the strain is average, Bake Sale cannabis still has its place, especially for an Indica lover such as myself. 

This strain’s strengths can be found in its relaxing and insomnia-reducing properties. This strain would be best smoked in the evening. It makes you a bit happier and helps you get to sleep. 

Overall, the strain again is pretty average but has its uses, it just needs the time and place to shine.

Would We Purchase All Purpose Flower by Bake Sale Again?

Now onto the most pressing question, would I purchase Bake Sale’s Indica again? 

The answer to that question is unfortunately no. I know of several other Indica strains that do a better job at what the Indica All Purpose Flower does. I dont mind spending a little bit more money.

That’s the whole kicker here, the main draw for this weed is again, the price point. It’s a stupidly cheap ounce. With that in mind, it’s also evident this strain isn’t aiming for a bougie market.

For those smoking on a budget, I would highly recommend this strain, but it’s just not for me

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  1. C Dog

    I’d hit this over ZzQuil any day!
    I want to smoke this on a Sunday while watching the Flix 😉 .

  2. Jesse Anderson

    Great review, its about time we got an insiders loook. been looking everywhere. saving this place for sure. i recently over the last 6 months changed medications. i used to love going slow motion all day on heavy indica….but now, it leaves me with so much fog the next morning, and ive had to stop using indica altogether in trade of Balanced Hybrids, or close rations to balanced…or slightly sativa. been looking for a “ho-hum” indica that can babystep me back into easier nights of sleep.

    1. Kaleb

      Thanks for stopping by! I personally prefer Indica’s because I love a strong yet relaxed body high, but it can leave you foggy I definitely get that. If you’re looking for a cheaper Indica to kinda settle you in, Versus’s Black Mountain Skunk (which I also reviewed) is the shake from their BC God Bud, and it’s quite an easy Indica that really won’t leave you feeling whacked.

      Again thanks for reading!

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