Back Forty Panda Puff: Strain Analysis

Back Forty Panda Puff: Strain Analysis

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Back Forty’s Panda Puff strain caught my eye the other day in the dispo, the product stood out with its high THC and relatively low price.

In the article below I will be taking you through the Panda Puff strain by Back Forty. Looking through the strain’s lineage, THC percentage, effects, aroma, taste, and so much more.

Panda Puff Pros & Cons

Panda Puff Pros:

  • Mid Range Price.
  • High THC Content.

Pand Puff Cons:

  • Dry Bud In Packaging.
  • Slight Paranoia.

Back Forty Panda Puff Strain Profile

  • THC Percentage: 22-29%.
  • Value: 8.5/10.
  • Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid.
  • Terpenes: Myrcene (Herbal), Cedrene (Woody), Bisabolol (Floral), Limonene (Citrus).
  • Price: $5.12/g.
  • Size:3.5g – 28g.
  • Flavour: Woody with a Diesel aftertaste.
  • Aroma: Diesel with a slight sweetness.

Panda Puff Lineage

For our Panda Puff Back Forty review, we have taken the liberty to look into the lineage of this strain. The strain lineage of Panda Puff is Peanut Butter Breath x Acai Gelato.

The combination of these plants has created a gassy, and honestly quite unique bud.

Panda Puff Taste and Aroma

To understand the flavour and aroma profile of any cannabis you first need to understand the terpenes. Back Forty Panda Puff’s terpenes in specific, offer a slightly sweet Diesel flavour, with the taste really hitting you at the end of the exhale.

You can thank the Myrcene for the gassy flavour delivered here, while the limonene and bisabolol inject the sweetness.

Now onto the strain’s smell, upon lighting up you will be instantly hit with again a nice diesel with ambiguous sweet notes.

That being said, however, the bud itself lacks any gassy profile, instead leaning quite hard into a sweet and citrus smell.

The flavour and aroma profile offered by Back Forty’s Panda Puff strain has its positives and probably has many fans. I however could take it or leave it, meaning the flavour and aroma really did nothing for me here.

Panda Puff Effects and High

For this review, I have smoked the flower out of glass several times, as well as vaporized it. I find it best to intake the cannabis several times under several different conditions to ensure a quality review.

To start off, the Panda Puff weed I purchased sat at a high 29.5%, and with that potency, it hit me immediately. Upon inhalation, you get a relaxing, yet mood-elevating feeling.

The high opens up quite elevated, really bringing up your mood, but not too giggly elevated. It’s a nice relaxed and happy feeling.

As the high progresses though you get a much more sedated feeling. Don’t think couch-lock, instead more relaxed and sleepy.

As well, you will most likely get some munchies, or at least I did each time I smoked this flower.

The only downside to the effects of the strain is that it did instill some paranoia.

Is Back Forty’s Panda Puff a Good Value Strain?

An Image of BAck Forty Panda Puff Packaging before being opened

I personally purchased 3.5g of the flower for the Panda Puff strain review, and it cost me about $18.87 with tax. To put that into perspective, that would be a $148.40 ounce.

For such a high THC bud it’s a really hard price to beat, potent and cheap is hard to come by. The THC is sitting at around 22-29%, giving it the ability to really smack you if you consume a lot.

Panda Puff Bud Quality

Panda Puff by Back Forty that I purchased was dry, to say the least. There was a moisture pack within but it really did nothing for the flower itself.

When I attempted to crush the bud between my fingers there was no give or moisture, it instantly crumbled.

Now I know that how moist the bud is may not be a deal breaker for everybody, especially at this price point. However, I still feel the need to mention it.

I personally smoked this product out of a bowl, and I feel that’s probably for the best with this product.

What is Back Forty’s Panda Puff Strain Good For?

The Panda Puff weed strain is a potent cannabis strain that can be particularly helpful for those dealing with stress and anxiety. Its mood-elevating effects can quickly lift a person’s spirits and help them feel more relaxed and at ease.

This strain promotes a calm and peaceful state of mind, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to unwind and destress after a long day.

In addition to its mood-boosting properties, Panda Puff is also known for its sedative effects, primarily at the end of the trip. As the high wears off, stoners may find themselves feeling quite sleepy and ready for a good night’s rest.

Overall, this strain is an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Would I purchase This Strain Again?

Overall, my experience with the Back Forty’s Panda Puff cannabis strain was positive.

Its mood-elevating and relaxing effects were quite pronounced and great for a couple of stressful days I’ve had.

To get to the point, while the dryness of the bud was a bit of a drawback, I would still consider purchasing this strain again. Panda Puff’s high THC content and affordable price make it quite appealing.

Hopefully, Back Forty can address the dryness issue in future, but regardless, it’s hard to say no to such a potent and budget-friendly product.

Is Panda Puff a Sativa or Indica

Panda Puff by Back Forty is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has been created by crossing Peanut Butter Breath x Acai Gelato.

What Occasions Would This Weed be Good For?

Seeing as it’s is a pretty relaxing indica strain, it would be great for an evening smoke session or when you’re trying to de-stress from the workday.

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    1. Sheraz

      I smoked this and it was a very low high. Smoking 20 years now and probably worst I’ve smoked. Tried to call back forty back they send you into a loop call. If you CAN leave a message no one calls back. So no more Back Forty purchases for me.

      1. Kaleb

        Damn, that’s really unfortunate, I reviewed the flower back in April and really enjoyed it from what I remember. Batches can vary hugely but especially with a more discount brand like Back Forty I find it can be super hit or miss.

  1. Granola

    Would be the go to strain for a relaxing night after work. But I wonder if it would give me the same paranoia after a bowl or two.

  2. Stoneymanz

    I was having some trouble figuring out the exact panda puff strain, and what to expect from back forty with this one, this review is a great help!! Thanks man

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