1964 Organic Gelato #41 Strain Review

a zoomed in image of the 1964 gelato #41 strain with its trichomes glistening with slight orange coloration.

1964 Organic Gelato #41 Strain Review

A comprehensive review looking through 1964's Organic Gelato strain. . Looking through the high and effects, THC percentage, Value, strain type, price, and value.

1964 Organic Gelato #41 is an incredibly potent Indica-dominant strain created by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Thin Min Cookies that offers a relaxing yet euphoric high that leaves the mind crystal clear.

In the article below, I will be taking you through my 1964 Organic Gelato #41 strain review, looking through the strain THC percentage, effects, aroma, taste, and much more

1964 Organic Gelato #41 Strain Pros & Cons

Gelato #41 Pros:

  • Super Potent
  • Great Bud Quality

Gelato #41 Cons:

  • Slightly Pricier
  • Some Anxiety

How I Reviewed 1964’s Organic Gelato #41 Strain

As always, I like to be transparent with my strain review process. For this 1964 Gelato #41 review, I have smoked a test amount of 3.5 grams of the product through glass, as well as through a vaporizer.

I find that you get a much stronger taste and aroma profile if you use a vaporizer, but smoking it through glass offers a much quicker high.

1964 Organic Gelato #41 Strain Profile

a zoomed in image of the 1964 gelato #41 strain with its trichomes glistening with slight orange coloration.
  • THC Percentage: 27.3%
  • Value: 7/10
  • Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • Terpenes: Trans-Caryophyllene (Pepper), Farnesene (Sweet and Herbal), Limonene (citrus) – 2.97% terpenes
  • Price: $31.97
  • Size: 3.5g
  • Flavour: Sweet with earthy flavour on the center of the palate
  • Aroma:  Sweet lavender with pepper undertones

Gelato #41 Strain Genetics

The strain lineage for Gelato #41 is made of up Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies. The combination of Gelato #41’s parent strains has created an incredibly potent and great-tasting product.

Gelato #41 Taste and Aroma

Having tested the 1964 organic Gelato #41 strain’ taste, I can confidently say that its flavor profile is a delightful experience for the senses. When you first open the packaging of the Gelato #41 bud, you are hit with lovely earthy sweet flavour, it almost entices you to take a deep inhale.

As for the flavour, 1964’s Gelato #41 is a harmonious blend of sweetness and earthiness that dances on the center of the palate, leaving a lingering satisfaction.

The aroma is an intoxicating combination of sweet lavender with subtle pepper undertones.

This is all to say, 1964’s Gelato #41 offers a great taste and aroma, the farnesene terpene really showed its face here, with the other terpenes providing some great backup.

Gelato #41 Effects and High

To get a solid understanding of the high and effects offered by Gelato #41 it really only took me a couple of hits, the effects are just that strong.

To start, the THC percent in the Gelato #41 strain definitely punches outside of its weight class, seeing as it sat at a solid 27.3% THC, but it hit harder than many infused products I have tried.

Upon inhalation, you are met with instant euphoria, your head clears as if you standing in a cloud. As the terpenes and THC settle into your body, however, you are met with a deep sense of relaxation in your body, but the head clarity remains.

If I’m going to be honest, I enjoyed this high thoroughly, the unique body slump combined with a completely clear head is fantastic. This strain is GREAT at letting you almost detach from reality.

The only downside to the 1964 Organic Gelato #41 is that in one session I smoked a little bit too much and gave myself an anxiety attack.

An Image of 1964 Organic Gelato #41 Packaging before being opened

Is 1964’s Organic Gelato #41 a Good Value Strain?

The Gelato #41 marijuana strain is generally seen as a higher quality product, seeing as it offers a naturally high THC percentage. This has caused almost all sellers to charge slightly more, and 1964’s Gelato #41 is no different, charging $31.97 for 3.5 grams.’

Despite this, From my review of 1964’s Gelato #41, I would still say that Organic Gelato #41 by 1964 is a great value strain. The product offers an incredibly high-quality product at a decent price
Even if you want to think of it from a bang-for-your-buck perspective, you don’t have to smoke much of this strain to get the same results.

Organic Gelato #41 Bud Quality

1964 has really outdone itself in terms of the quality of its Organic Gelato #41, with each nug being compact and moist. From the smell to the feel and moisture, this one is right on the money.

Is 1964’s Organic Gelato #41 a Strong Strain?

After thoroughly testing the 1964 organic Gelato #41 strain, I must admit that it packs quite a punch. This strain is undeniably strong, delivering a potent and memorable experience.

The euphoric effects it induces are nothing short of remarkable, and its body high offers an almost “earth sinking” feeling. 

This is a fantastic strain to smoke on your own in my opinion, offering some great relaxation, but the headspace to think.

Would I purchase This Strain Again?

After looking through Gelato #41’s strain info and experiencing the weed for myself, I have to say that yes, I would purchase this again.

1964’s Organic Gelato #41 just hit the spot in terms of its effects and high, I really can’t ask for more. I honestly believe I may have found my new favourite strain.

This is definitely not something you buy every day unless you have the money to do so, but Gelato #41 is a perfect treat when you’re looking for an elevated experience.

1964 Gelato #41 Frequently Asked Questions

I will now answer some of your most frequently asked questions about 1964’s Organic Gelato #41 strain.

Is Gelato 41 Good For Anxiety?

Gelato #41 has great stress-relieving and depression-fighting properties, but it’s not great for fighting anxiety, if anything it heightens it.

What does Gelato 41 do?

Gelato #41 offers you not only a powerful cerebral high but also provides a deeply satisfying body high.  Your first hit with euphoria, but as the effects settle in, a soothing sensation permeates through the body, relaxing muscles and releasing tension.

Does the Gelato Strain Have Negative Effects

While the 1964 organic Gelato #41 strain offers potent effects, it also can offer some negative effects. The most common negative effects of the Gelato #41 strain are anxiety and paranoia.

Is the Gelato #41 Strain Sativa or Indica

The Gelato #41 strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis plant. The sativa roots certainly show themselves but the body is that of an Indica.

Is Gelato a Beginner Strain

While beginners can smoke Gelato #41, caution is advised due to its potency. Being new to smoking, it’s important to start with small doses as this strain can quickly overwhelm and potentially cause a “green out” experience, leading to anxiety, paranoia, and nausea.

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